Benefits & Results

Fast.  Safe.  Effective.  Efficient.  Fortify.  Stimulate.  Balance.  Stability.
Flexibility.  Complete Core Strenghtening.  Mitigate pain.  Mitigate Damage.

Single Leg Glute Extension

“Team Vertical Fitness, powered by G-NAT™, is designed to deliver exceptional results to any age, occupation or sport, from the beginner fitness enthusiast to the most extreme athlete.”

Vertical Training Center

Team Vertical Fitness first opened in 2019, as the first and only exclusive Vertical Training studio in the world. Opened to support our specialized equipment using GNA Technolgy, Team Vertical Fitness was both a member training center, as well as a showroom. Summer of 2023, another pioneering leap was made, to partner and integrate into Sculpted MD Training & Recovery Center. Now with the additional services available, including HRT and game changing support with recovery therapy services like Cold, Red Light, mHBOT, Compression and more, we are truly the only facility like it, in the world.

Just a few of the amazing benefits and results!

  • Rapid results increase motivation and desire to continue
  • A clinically proven EPOC “afterburn” so you can burn calories for hours after working out for minutes
  • Regardless of conditioning, start at your own level and progress at your own pace.
  • Takes the work out of workout
  • Work your brain and your body
  • Invest your money in quality of life
  • Cardio, strength and flexibility all-in-one
  • Safe to do for a lifetime
  • Something you will not quit after 2 months
  • Full Body Focus vs. Isolated Muscle Focus
  • Low To No Impact Movements vs. High Impact Movements on almost every other form of equipment.
  • Joint DECOMPRESSION vs. Joint Compression.
  • Major benefits of joint decompression while vertical training are Improved Blood Circulation, and Neurotransmission
  • Regain your mobility and flexibility
  • Reduces stress immediately
  • Reduce hip and low back stiffness
  • Relieve joint pain through low impact decompressive movements
  • You don’t have to work like an athlete to feel like an athlete
  • The only failure is not getting on it
  • Stop feeling guilty about doing nothing and do the simplest thing for yourself
  • Fortify your body and stimulate your mind
  • Total body results
  • Complete core strengthening
  • Improves balance, stability and range of motion
  • Improved Skeletal Alignment and Postural Form
  • Improved Movement Pathways and Musculoskeletal balance.
  • Efficient Use Of Your Time. A full workout in 6-12 minutes, including a 24+ hour “after burn” where the body burns fat at 56-24% higher than normal.

What are the advantages of using GNA™?

G-NAT Life Movements™ decompress the joints from hand to foot, while at the same time create tension within the muscles surrounding and supporting the joints, developing much needed joint stability to reduce risk of injury and increase overall balance and stability. It also improves our ability to transition from one movement to another.

More movement synergy makes us stronger, more coordinated and improves overall speed and human performance.

GEC™ (Global Energy Consumption™): is an inherent side effect of GNA™. The body becomes more efficient at burning glucose and fat stores because so many muscles are continually engaged. With several hundred muscles all wanting to recover, this puts the body into “after burn” for over 24 hours.

G-NAT™ products can be seamlessly implemented into many different environments without any sacrifice of benefits and performance. Because the science is based upon the actual mechanics and physiology of the body, it is the individual’s body and physiology that dictates the function of the products. It can equally deliver results to a de-conditioned or injured person as it would to the extreme athlete, and everyone in between.

We invite you to review the Independent G-NAT Equipment And Effectiveness Review to see a Vertical Movement System™ tested in a laboratory environment. This study focuses on the Central Nervous System (CNS) response, balance and stability, metabolic response, orthopedics and joint impact.

Additional details on the Science of Vertical Movement are available by visiting G-NAT USA direclty.

The information contained in this page, is provided courtesy of G-NAT USA

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