One location, all the services you need for health & wellness, training & recovery.
Top talent, technology & equipment provides an advanced, effective, efficient experience.


Our new facility, Sculpted MD Training & Recovery center, is a partnership of premium services, specialized equipment, advanced training, and top talent.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive fitness facility that can help you reach your goals, you have found it all under one roof!  No more splitting up time and effort moving from one place to the next for services and needs.  We deliver exceptional results to any age, occupation or sport, from the beginner fitness enthusiast to the most extreme athlete.

Sculpted MD Health and Wellness Center

Sculpted MD Medical Spa & Weight Loss Clinic

A full service Sculpted MD Health & Wellness center on site.  Serving the great state of Colorado with products and services, including Hormone Therapy, Anti-Aging, Medical Weight Loss.. and more!

Fitness Center

Full Weight Training & Cardio Center

Full Weight training facility with state of the art equipment.  Artificial turf, the latest in cardio and fitness training equipment.  Structured programs lead by professional trainers and coaches.  More

Vertical Training

Vertical Training Center

Functional Life Movements, highly effective, extremely efficient, safe to do at any age.  Strengthen the whole body, stabilize the joints and lower the risk of injury. Build endurance, speed, balance and coordination.  More

Cold Plunge

Cold/Hot Plunge

We offer the revolutionary Cold Plunge tubs!  Deliberate cold water immersion delivers outstanding recovery results.  More


eCabin Cryotherapy

Advanced technolgy! Therapy based on active skin temperature. More


Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Non-invasive procedure to deliver more oxygen to your body’s tissues.  More

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Natural, non-invasive treatment to stimulate the body’s natural healing.  More


Infrared Sauna

Improve sleep, detox, weight loss, pain relief, and muscle recovery.
Compression sleeves

Normatec Compression

Dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage
that helps you feel refreshed faster
. More

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Nutritional Coaching & Medical Weight Loss.
Comprehensive plans, suited specifically for you,
your goals, and your lifestyle.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Everyone has an opportunity to improve with us, and we staffed the top talent to make it happen.

Reach Us

MWF 7am – 6pm
T,TH 8am – 5pm
Sat 8am – 12pm

5690 County Line Place
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


If you wold like a tour of the facility, let us know!