Functional Training

Fast. Safe. Effective. Efficient. Fortify. Stimulate. Balance. Stability.
Flexibility. Complete Core Strenghtening. Mitigate pain. Mitigate Damage.

Mark Muehleisen

Training Services Include:

  • Functional Strength & Conditioning
  • Occupational & Sport Specific Training
  • Injury Recovery

By Appointment. Contact direct: 720-300-3929

A G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology) Vertical Training Specialist, Mark founded the one of a kind Team Vertical Fitness training studio in November 2019.  In May of 2022, the Team Vertical Fitness location became one of the many specialty services now found at the SculptedMD Training & Recovery Center.
While no longer a physical location, Mark operates Team Vertical Fitness as an independent training service, offering personal training services located in SculptedMD Training & Recovery Center.
Due to the unique science behind Vertical Training, including the de-compressive nature of the Life Movements, it is sustainable at any age.

Visit this link for more information about Vertical Training and Membership Services using the Vertical Training Center at SculptedMD Training & Recovery.

Feeling Strong!
Feeling great at Team Vertical
Single Leg Glute Extension